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TLNT Bridge Recruiting is a boutique service focusing our hiring throughout Canada and the USA. In our three-decade tenure, we have built processes which allow us to find the most valuable players in the market swiftly.

About TLNT Bridge Recruiting 

TLNT Bridge Recruiting is a boutique agency located in Metro Vancouver, BC. Our non-360-model team comprises experienced recruiters who understand the local job markets and prioritize applicant sourcing, free from distraction. Our Business Development team will prioritize our existing clients' requirements, limiting our business intake to meet their needs.

We look forward to working in long-term partnerships and want to find applicants with the same values.

Our Services

Contingency search

Contingency search

We offer comprehensive recruitment services to help companies find the best-qualified candidates for their positions. Our specialized team of recruiters works closely with employers to ensure their job openings are filled with the most talented professionals. Payment is only made when a successful hire is made

Fractional Recruiting

Fractional Recruiting

If your company has multiple job vacancies, our experienced recruiter will collaborate with you as if they were part of your internal team. Fees are calculated hourly.

Resume screening

Resume screening

Do you have a large number of resumes to go through but lack the time to do so? Let us help by rapidly reviewing all resumes and select only the most qualified candidates for your consideration.

Meet the team

Darren Butterworth, the founder and principal recruiter of TLNT Bridge, joined the recruiting industry in 1996, has acquired extensive experience in the field and is now considered a veteran. His career began with the world's largest technical staffing agency. In 2005, he noticed a need in the industry and started freelancing for some of Vancouver's top software companies, including Klue, Galvanize, Elastic Path, BuildDirect, Mobify (acquired by Salesforce), and Vision Critical (now Alida). He has also collaborated with Bay Area businesses such as Dialpad, Zenefits and Motive and is proud to have helped grow these outstanding organizations.

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Talent Sourcing

Michael Maslowskis joined TLNT Bridge Recruiting in early 2024, bringing his expertise in talent sourcing to our team. As a dedicated and resourceful sourcing recruiter, Michael excels at identifying exceptional talent to meet the unique needs of our clients. His commitment to finding the perfect fit ensures that our clients have access to the best candidates available, making him an invaluable asset to our organization.

Business Development

Dan Finamore has worked with many organizations through professional and volunteering experiences over a 2-decade career.  As a constant communicator, he can build long-lasting relationships with prospects and clients and truly enjoys discussing the businesses of others, observing gaps, and offering assistance in any way possible. "I believe in consistent yet concise communication tactics to achieve mutually beneficial results, in the shortest amount of time."

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25+ years of recruitment experience

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